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Finding a job

There are typically three steps to get a job in Oslo; finding the job, applying for the job and going to the interview.

Last updated: 14.8.2017

Your best friend

This page is the official guide to working in Norway. It gives you an answer to most of your questions, and is a great place to start.

Where do I find available jobs?

The two biggest sites for vacant jobs are and Nav has an english version of the site however most of the jobs listed there are written in norwegian. The same goes for A good tip is to always use google translate to translate the ads. This makes your job search much more effective.

Prepeare yourself

Before you start your job hunt, it’s highly recommended you read up on working in Norway. New in Norway has extensive information about employment in Norway.

Contacting employers directly

This is one of the more popular methods for job seekers who don’t speak Norwegian. More than half of the available jobs in Norway are never announced on the internet or through other public channels. Instead, show up in person, say hello to the manager, and bring with you a CV and cover letter stating that you are looking for work.

Job agents/ recruitment agencies

Job agents function as intermediaries between employers and employees. You can register you CV online at these agencies websites.



Kelly services

Unskilled jobs

Available jobs for non-Norwegian speakers can be found in bars, restaurants and hotels. For example, you can work as a cleaner or in a warehouse. The general rule of thumb is that the jobs with the most customer contact – e.g in a shop or at a school – you need to master a basic level of Norwegian. Some exceptions might be made in bars or cafés where the customers are young, trendy and English-speaking. Apart from this, the less customers, the better.

Skilled jobs

If you are looking for a skilled job, you should find the companies operating in your field. You can also contact job agents such as Manpower, Adecco and Proffice.

CV and Application

A Curriculum Vitae (CV), or a resume, shows your educational background and working experience. It can also include your hobbies and social activities. Remember that the outline of the CV is important. It should be tidy, and the content should be relevant for the job you are applying for.

Download our English CV template.

The application is a presentation of your education, motivation, experience, skills and interests that are relevant for the job. The application has one purpose: To make the employer interested in what you have to offer so that you get an interview!

Download our English cover letter template.

At the UngInfo center we can help you with your CV and application!

The most important rights for an employee

Job contract
It is important to get a written contract before you start (even if it is a short time job). The contract should contain information about salary, working time, training period, etc. A contract is not valid before it is signed by both employer and employee.

Job training
You have the right to adequate and paid job training.

In Norway there is no minimum wage by law. There are exceptions if you are a member of a trade union. But if you are not a member, the employer can offer you wages below standard, as long as you accept the offer and sign the contract. You can reject the offer and try to negotiate a higher salary, but you should do this before you sign the contract.

Trade union
Consider whether you want to join a trade union or not. LO and YS are the two biggest trade unions for young people in Norway. They both have useful information about your rights as an employee on their internet sites.

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