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New in Oslo

Oslo Youth Information Centre, or UngInfo as it is called in Norwegian, was established in 1992. UngInfo provides information to young people below the age of 27.

Last updated: 14.8.2017

We provide information about education, accommodation, health care, travel, tourism and job hunting. UngInfo strives to ensure that the information provided is reliable, accurate and easy to understand. All of our services are free of charge, and are offered in an informal manner in a relaxed  environment. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us here or stop by the UngInfo center in Møllergata 3.

UngInfo opening hours

Monday-Friday: 11 a.m – 5 p.m, Saturday: 12 p.m – 5 p.m

All of the services offered at UngInfo are free of charge.


At UngInfo we offer free internet for tourists and young people below the age of 27. If there is a line, the internet access is limited to 30 minutes per person. Our users are welcome to make free phone calls when related to issues such as accommodation, education, work or health care. We also print, copy and scan documents.

CV and cover letter template

It is important to have a good CV and cover letter when looking for a job. Download our English templates for CV and cover letter and get started!

Tourist information

The centre also provides information for tourists in Oslo during the summer (June-August). We
receive a large number of visitors seeking all sorts of information. As a result, UngInfo runs a
tourist office that answers questions related to accommodation, transport, sightseeing etc.

UngInfo also produces a map for young tourists, which is part of the european network USE-IT. Here you’ll find hidden gems and tips for cheap and authentic things to see, do, taste and visit as a young visitor. For more information, visit our english webpage:

Over 27?

Are you over 27 and need guidance and/or a sparring partner? Take contact with:

  • Your local NAV office.
  • Caritas information center for labor immigrants.
  • Your campus, if you are a student.

Are you over 27 and want to use a computer? Check out:

Google translate everything!

One of the most important and useful tools you can have when finding a job, apartment or simply getting information is to use google translate.

Simply copy the website adress and paste it into the translation window on google translate and you will be given a link to a translated version of that website. An example: translated.

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Besøk oss

Besøk oss

Vi har et åpent senter for alle mellom 13-27. Vi hjelper med alt - jobbsøk, utdanning, boligjakt. Du kan også låne PC, printe ut og få rett kopi. Kom til Møllergata 3 mellom kl 11 og 17.

Alt er gratis!

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Read Our Booklet

New in Oslo is a booklet with plenty of useful information. Pick it up in our center or download it here